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Featured Monthly Promotions  

December 2023

If you're looking for savings on your favorite specialty products, you are in the right place!

Find these and other great deals in your Chex monthly promotion.



20% OFF!

A great deal!
Soom Tahini Bites

Item #s 42474 (Double Chocolate)

42475 (Cherry Chocolate) 42476 (Maple Coconut)

Valid through 12/27/23


15% OFF!

Awesome price!
Sober Carpenter NA Beer

Item #s 12041 (West Coast IPA) 

12042 (Blonde Ale) 12043 (Irish Red)

Valid through 12/27/23


15% OFF!

Save Big!
Black River Juice

Assorted Flavors 33.8oz and 10.1oz

Valid through 12/27/23


15% OFF!

Your sweet tooth will thank you!
Ritter Vegan Chocolate Bars

Item #s 27116 (Almond) 27117 (Smooth)

27118 (Peanut) 27119 (Salted Caramel)

Valid through 12/27/23


15% OFF!

A great deal!
Tonnino Tuna 

Assorted Glass, Cans, and Albacore

Valid through 12/27/23


15% OFF!

Snacking on the go!
Olibites Olives

Item # 57845 (Grilled)

57846 (Thyme & EVOO) 57847 (Red Pepper Stuffed)

Valid through 12/27/23

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