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Featured Monthly Promotions  

May 2024

If you're looking for savings on your favorite specialty products, you are in the right place!

Find these and other great deals in your Chex monthly promotion.



20% OFF!

A great deal!
Buck Naked Bear Gummy Bears

Item #s 89888 (Cherry) 89889 (Blackberry) 89890 (Grape) 89891 (Pineapple)

Valid through 5/31/24


15% OFF!

Awesome price!
Barnes Natural Manuka Honey

Item #s 42017 (MGO 30) 42018 (MGO60)

Valid through 5/31/24


15% OFF!

Great for Summer!
Hero Fruit Nectar

Item #s 10646 (Mango) 10647 (Peach)

10648 (Apricot) 10649 (Pear)

Valid through 5/31/24


15% OFF!

A quick meal!
Primi Quick Cook Meals

Item #s 59010 (Marinara) 59011 (Spicy)

59012 (Mac and Cheese)

Valid through 5/31/24


15% OFF!

A great deal!
Portland Salt Spices

Item #s 40294 (Toast Sugar) 40295 (Steak Salt)

Valid through 5/31/24

laurel hill.png

20% OFF!

A Must Have!
Laurel Hill Stoned Wheat Crackers

Item #s 17984 (Original) 17985 (Bite Size)

Valid through 5/31/24

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