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Retailer Portal 

NEW! Power BI Analytics - Coming Soon!

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  • Put the power of Business Intelligence to work for you

  • Use data to make informed decisions for your business

  • Quickly and accurately view customized sales, category rankings, brand and item performance

  • Discover opportunities and category insights

  • Filter by brand, category, seasonal and date range

  • Review analytics by dollars, or units

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Helpful FAQs:


1. How do I move from one dashboard to another?

2. How do I use filters at the top of each page?

3. How do I reset (clear) filters?

4. Can I sort data in a report?

5. Can I make a report on a dashboard larger?

6. Can I switch between Sales Dollars and Units?

7. Can I export data from a report to excel?


1. What do I do if I don't see any data?

2. If I have multiple stores, can i look at only one store?

3. Why don't I see any data on the Voids Dashboard?

4. How do I use the Top Mover Voids tab?

5. On the Placements Dashboard, what are the Seasonal and YTD buttons?

6. Why do I get logged out?

7. Who do I contact if I need Support?

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