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Exploring the Sweetest Trends in Specialty Candy and Confectionery

The world of specialty candy and confectionery is a playful space where creativity and indulgence intertwine. From classic treats that evoke nostalgia to innovative confections designed for health-conscious consumers, the industry continues to evolve and surprise us with exciting trends. Today, we are exploring four trends in specialty candy and confectionery:

Waffle Cones: A New Twist on Traditional Delight

There's something irresistible about the combination of a crisp waffle cone and a scoop of creamy ice cream. Waffle cones have always been a beloved staple in the world of desserts, but recent trends have taken them to new heights within candy/confectionary. From snack mixes to chocolate filled cone bites, these delightful treats offer a fresh take on an old favorite.

Our Pick: Just the Fun Part knows that the best snacks are the ones that bring back memories of our childhoods. And for so many people, a memorable dessert was the anticipation of a sundae cone on a sweltering hot summer day. It’s no secret that the best part of a sundae cone was the bottom, so why not capture this moment to enjoy over and over again? The name speaks for itself.

Nostalgia: A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia sells, and the candy industry knows it well. As adults seek to recapture the joy of childhood, candy makers are embracing nostalgia by reviving iconic treats from yesteryears. Classic candies like candy buttons, Pop Rocks, and Big League Chew are making a comeback, rekindling fond memories for both young and old. Packaging also plays a significant role, with retro-inspired designs that transport us to simpler times. Flavor profiles like cinnamon toast crunch, and birthday cake are popping up everywhere.

Our Pick: Boston America has something for the child and inner child in all of us! These fun character tins are available seasonally and make excellent stocking stuffers. Put these by the register or in a stocking stuffer display for a quick and easy impulse buy!

Marshmallow Mania: Beyond S'mores and Hot Chocolate

Marshmallows have long been associated with cozy nights around the campfire or swirling in a steaming cup of hot cocoa. However, the humble marshmallow has undergone a transformation, emerging as a trendy confection in its own right. Artisanal marshmallow brands are popping up, offering a multitude of flavors, shapes, and textures. From fluffy gourmet marshmallows infused with flavors like lavender or salted caramel to gourmet s'mores kits featuring handmade marshmallows and artisanal chocolates, the marshmallow revolution is in full swing just in time for summer!

Our Pick: Hammond's is known for their sweet tooth and these marshmallows are no different. Gourmet flavor profiles, and convenient bagged format make this a no brainer. Perfect for topping a hot cup of cocoa, or snacking on right out of the bag!

Low Sugar Options: Healthier Indulgence without Compromise

With growing awareness of health and wellness, many consumers are seeking healthier alternatives that don't skimp on flavor. The confectionery industry has responded by offering low sugar options that cater to various dietary needs. Innovative sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit extract are being used to reduce sugar content without sacrificing taste. Additionally, natural ingredients, organic options, and sugar-free candies are becoming more prevalent. Health-conscious candy lovers can now indulge guilt-free, enjoying the sweetness they crave while aligning with their dietary goals.

Our Pick: Choxco set out to make the most mouth-watering delicious chocolate and make it better for you and the planet. They created truly indulgent chocolates, naturally lower in sugar (without artificial sweeteners), with simple, high-quality organic ingredients.

Specialty candy and confectionery are evolving to meet the demands of today's discerning consumers. The trends in waffle cones, nostalgia, marshmallows, and low sugar options are just a few examples of the industry's creativity and adaptability. Whether you're a die-hard fan of traditional treats or a health-conscious sweet tooth, there's a confection out there that caters to your preferences. So, embrace the trends, savor the flavors, and indulge in the world of specialty candy and confectionery—it's a truly sweet experience!


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