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People of Chex- Stacey Kelley

What makes Chex so special? The people of course! Our newest series "People of Chex" introduces some of the many wonderful members of the Chex Family. We are so proud of all that they have accomplished and the ways in which they bring our Chex values to life!

As we continue with our "People of Chex" series we introduce you to Stacey Kelley, Content Marketing Specialist. Stacey uses her eye for design to create our beautiful catalogs and Chex marketing materials! Let's learn a little more about Stacey:

Stacey Kelley, Content Marketing Specialist   1.5 years


What is your favorite part about working for Chex?

My favorite part is how our leaders and employees truly make Chex feel like a family.


What is your favorite product Chex carries?

Lake Champlain Five Star Bars!


What’s one professional achievement you’re most proud of?

I am really proud when I see the catalogs I design come full circle. They get better and easier with each one I work on.


How do you like to start your workday?

I say hello to my co-workers over a sip of coffee and then start digging right in to my projects.


What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned while working at Chex?

We learn from our mistakes and with mistakes comes growth both personally and professionally.


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