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Savoring the Season: Exploring Summer Snacking

As summer arrives, it brings with it a plethora of outdoor activities and gatherings that call for delicious and convenient snacking options. Whether you're planning a picnic, heading to the beach, or simply lounging by the pool, having the right snacks on hand can enhance your summer experience. Here are some of our picks for delicious snacks the whole family will love:

Crackers: Crispy Delights for Every Palate

Crackers are an incredibly versatile snack that can be eaten right out of the box, but also pair well with various toppings and spreads. From classic choices like saltines to more interesting flavors like everything seasoning, crackers offer endless possibilities for summer snacking.

For a light and refreshing twist, top your crackers with creamy hummus, guacamole, or tzatziki, accompanied by sliced cucumbers or cherry tomatoes. Alternatively, create a gourmet snack by pairing artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and olives with your favorite crispy crackers. The combination of different textures and flavors is sure to please both your palate and your guests.

Our pick: Laurel Hill Crackers which are exclusive to Chex! Made locally in Massachusetts, these vegan and Non-GMO crackers are available in familiar flavors- the perfect snack for any time of day!

Chips: The Crave-Worthy Crunch

When it comes to snacking, chips hold a special place in our hearts. These crispy favorites are synonymous with summer gatherings and leisurely afternoons spent outdoors. From traditional potato chips to corn tortilla chips and everything in between, there's a chip for every taste bud.

For a healthier alternative, opt for baked chips or those made from vegetables. Pair tortilla chips with freshly made salsa, a tangy yogurt-based dip, or even a zesty guacamole for a burst of flavor. Remember to choose your chip wisely, as the right combination of seasoning and crunch can make all the difference in your snacking experience.

Our Picks:

Vegetable chip: From the Ground Up is raising the snack bar with plant-based snacks. Our snacks are packed with REAL Cauliflower to give you more of what you love - MORE flavor, MORE crunch, and MORE bites per serving.

Better for you Potato Chip: Good Crisps Company makes 5 flavors of Stacked Chips and 2 flavors of Cheese Balls that are great from start to finish. Made with clean and simple ingredients, our products are made to perfection, taste great, and make you feel good. Did I mention they are a family favorite!?

Tortilla Chip: Vista Hermosa was formed inside the sturdy brick walls of Tacombi, a taqueria committed to sharing authentic Mexican taco culture. The tortilla is the golden foundation of a quality taco and without local sources who met our quality standards for freshness and flavor we decided to make our own, the traditional Mexican way. From scratch. Every day.

Gourmet Indulgence: Torres (coming soon!) is the global leader in premium potato chips producing the highest quality products with respect for their traditions. Torres carefully selects the finest raw materials and ingredients in the market, so they can offer an artisan product with a unique personality in the gastronomy world. ​

Meat Sticks: Protein-Packed Portable Delights

For those seeking a savory and protein-packed snack, meat sticks are a perfect choice. They offer convenience, satiety, and a wide range of flavors. Whether you prefer beef, turkey, or pork, meat sticks provide a satisfying snack on the go.

Choose high-quality meat sticks that are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. They make an excellent addition to your hiking trips, beach outings, or camping adventures, providing a quick and energizing pick-me-up when you need it most. Pair them with cheese cubes or a handful of nuts for a balanced snack that will keep you fueled throughout your summer activities.

Our Pick: Vermont Smoke & Cure. A proud, rural smokehouse in Hinesburg, Vermont. These delicious meat sticks are handcrafted in small batches using only premium cuts of beef, pork, or turkey, and only using natural hickory or maple hardwood chips. Perfectly cooked, tender products with a touch of smoky flavor in each bite.

Summer snacking is a delightful way to indulge in the season's flavors. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, enjoying a day at the beach, or embarking on an adventure, these snacks offer convenience, taste, and the perfect balance of textures.

Remember to explore different varieties and flavors to find your favorites, and don't be afraid to experiment with unique combinations and pairings. Summer is the time to savor each moment and enjoy the simple pleasures, and a well-curated snack selection can make all the difference. So, stock up on your favorite crackers, chips, and meat sticks, and let the snacking adventures begin!


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