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Summer Sips: Refreshing Specialty Beverages for the Sunny Season

Summer is a time for relaxation, outdoor adventures, and savoring the sunshine. As temperatures rise, so does the desire for refreshing drinks to quench our thirst and keep us cool. While lemonades and iced teas are a classic choice, we are seeing innovation in other beverage subsets as well.

Sparkling Seltzers

Nothing screams summer like the effervescent and refreshing fizz of a sparkling drink. These delightful beverages combine sparkling water with a burst of natural flavors, making them perfect for both casual gatherings and elegant soirées. This category spans a wide range of options, from Volay’s sparkling and caffeinated waters to Hal’s seltzer. Garnish with fresh mint, berries, or a slice of citrus for an Instagram-worthy presentation.

Tropical Mocktails

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with vibrant and flavorful mocktails. Tropical mocktails are non-alcoholic versions of exotic cocktails, delivering all the taste and vibrancy without the hangover. From the Alcohol-Free Bellini by Cipriani (coming soon!) to Mocktails “Mockarita”, these brands make a great choice for everyone looking to enjoy a special drink any time of day. Add a colorful umbrella or a fresh fruit garnish, and enjoy a sip of summer.

Better-for-you Sodas

Quench your thirst and worry less about the ingredients in your soda. We are seeing a strong trend toward lower sugar options versus sugar alternatives within the soda category. Brands like United Sodas of America, and Wave are embracing this trend by launching better for you sodas, with eye catching packaging that is a standout on shelf. These cans can go with you to the boat, the beach, and everywhere in between all summer long.

Lemonade and Beyond

Nothing says summer quite like lemonade, and no one does lemonade quite like our friends at Black River Juice. Choose from Classic, Strawberry, or our personal favorite Tart Cherry and upcycle the stunning glass bottle afterward. Then, as the warm summer days start to transition into chilly fall mornings, switch over to their apple and cranberry juices for a taste of fall!

Bobba & Tea

Iced tea has always been a staple of summer. Stick with a classic choice like Harney & Sons Iced Teas or try something new like Bobba Drink Bubble Tea. Bubble tea has become a sensation here in the US, and brands like Bobba drink make it accessible anywhere, anytime. This trend isn’t going anywhere just yet- we are seeing Bobba flavors pop up across multiple categories like protein bars and confectionary!

As the temperatures climb and the days grow longer, take the opportunity to showcase these summer beverage options in your store. Whether on shelf, in the cold case, or featured as part of an in store display, summertime is the season for beverage sales. So raise your glass and toast to a summer filled with unforgettable sips!


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